We reviewed these top 4 Medicare Advantage Plans available in Kalawao County, Hawaii. Here's what we found:

Key Facts:

  1. The average premium is $51 per month.
  2. The average out-of-pocket limit is $5,100 per year.
  3. The average drug plan deductible (for plans that include Part D) is $100 per year.
  4. Medicare rated 100% of all plans available in Kalawao County 4 stars or higher.
  5. There are 2 plan types to choose from: PPO, MSA
Plan Name Type Premium MOOP Rx Deduct. Rating
HMSA Akamai Advantage Standard (PPO) (2023)Local PPO$6,700$400
HMSA Akamai Advantage Standard Plus (PPO) (2023)Local PPO$3,400$0
Lasso Healthcare Growth (MSA) (2023)MSA *$-$-
Lasso Healthcare Growth Plus (MSA) (2023)MSA *$-$-

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