If I die in another country will the insurer make an investigation regarding the reason of the death

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More Info: If I die in another country with heart attack, After the contestability period, are the insurer will be giving my family hard time and deny their claim unless. I read about cases like that, where the insurer denies the claim because death was happened in another country. However, if the family decide to fight in court, then the insurer is investigating for more details and that is taking too much time while families at that time they are in the saddest situation when they lost their beloved ones and fight at the same time along with facing these troubles. So, what is the reason of obtaining life insurance from the beginning in case of all these dramas can be happening one day”

Asked August 1, 2017

1 Answer

Life insurance is the contract between you and the insurance company to provide death benefit in the event of death. Life Insurance policy has two options; one you get compensated after a specified period, while the other your beneficiaries get compensated upon your death.

So in case you chose the latter, you will have to provide your beneficiaries. Meaning when you take life insurance, you will be protecting your loved ones after your death.

They will get compensated through lump sum payments to cover for the loss of income, especially if they depend on you.

If you took an insurance policy before leaving for abroad, it is worth reviewing it to harmonize the situation in case you die abroad. In fact going abroad will nullify your policy altogether especially if your current residence is considered to pose high risks.

This may be the main reason why most insurers may not accept any claims with such a scenario causing headache to your family after your death. Fortunately, you can avoid this from happening by talking to your broker or insurer to readjust your policy.

If you will decide to take a new cover in your current residence, ask your insurer to provide you with a confirmation through writing to avoid future complications.

You should also realize that there will be a change in laws and residence, which will affect the laws governing the beneficiaries in case of your death. And if you won't adjust everything to reflect the new environment, your family will have a hard time filling the claims.

With all these mentioned, you should also consider the tremendous effects of not taking life insurance like;

There will be no inheritance created for the beneficiaries. You only create them by taking the life insurance policy

No financial security in case of uncertainties

No financial replacement for your income"

Answered August 3, 2017 by bystander318

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