The 10 Best Life Insurance Policies With Living Benefits for 2022

The primary reason to purchase a life insurance policy is the financial security that it offers your family after you are gone. However, some policies allow you to use the benefits of the policy even while you are alive. These policy options are referred to as living benefits. There are various companies providing life insurance... Continue Reading

Modern Woodmen Life Insurance and Financial Services Review 2022

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What is an accelerated death benefit rider?

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How does term life insurance work?

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Best Life Insurance for Young Adults (2022)

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What is a beneficiary in life insurance?

If you are considering purchasing a life insurance policy, you may be wondering what a beneficiary is in terms of life insurance. In the simplest of terms, a beneficiary is someone who will receive the money from your life insurance policy after you die. Regardless of whether you have a term or whole life insurance policy,... Continue Reading

Best Long-Term Care Life Insurance in Washington State (2022)

Long-term care insurance can help to cover expenses associated with a chronic illness, disability, or other medical condition. In some cases, long-term care insurance can be compared with life insurance or similar benefits. As you get older, you may want to consider purchasing long-term care insurance to reduce the risk of using your retirement savings... Continue Reading

Modified Life Insurance: Everything you Want to Know

Life insurance plans are one of the best ways to protect your family after your death. A death benefit can pay for medical expenses, funeral costs, and lost wages so your family can focus on grieving rather than stress. With most life insurance plans, your payment stays the same for the entire policy term. Although... Continue Reading

Modified Life Insurance: Everything You Want to Know

While you’re looking for affordable life insurance, you may stumble upon modified life insurance. However, modified life insurance policies aren’t prevalent, and you may be wondering if it’s a good fit for you. Modified life insurance has cheaper rates for the first few years of the policy, and then premiums increase for the rest of... Continue Reading

Reserve National Life Insurance Review & Ratings (2022)

Shopping for life insurance can be a time-consuming process that requires a lot of research. Many people settle for well-known providers when companies like Reserve National Insurance Company can often compete with the best. Not everyone knows what to look for in an insurance company. We’ll help by summarizing the Reserve National life insurance ratings,... Continue Reading

Whole Life Insurance Quote

There are several types of life insurance policies available to those looking to look after their family in the event of their death. The main benefit of a whole life policy is that the payout is guaranteed. Whole life insurance quotes are usually higher than those for a term policy, but comes with several benefits such as the fact that you will be guaranteed a payment, it relieves any worry of not being insurable as you age, you can borrow against the policy and if you cancel your whole life policy, you are entitled to be paid the cash value of that policy and it can be useful in estate planning.

Whole life insurance coverage can be utilized as an investment vehicle since future value is guaranteed and a portion of your premiums get placed into an tax-deferred cash value account. Before purchasing a policy, you should consult with a financial advisor to better understand the costs and benefits of whole life insurance.

To learn more about whole life policies and to receive a free whole life insurance quote, complete a quote request form and you’ll be matched with knowledgeable life insurance agents that can help answer any questions you may have.

Term Life Insurance Quotes

Term life insurance, as opposed to whole life, insures you for a finite period of time. This insurance, sometimes referred to as “temporary” insurance, is typically sold to portect you for 10, 15, 20 or 30 years with 20 years being the most common. Generally, term life insurance provides the best bang for the buck protection compared to other types of policies and makes the most sense if you’re looking to ensure your family is protected in the event of your death. Unlike whole life insurance, a term policy does not accumulate any sort of cash value and any premiums paid are strictly used for the cost related to the coverage.

Determining the amount of life insurance you should purchase is an inexact science. However, using a life insurance calculator or simply multiplying your yearly income are two ways of getting a quick idea. The best method is to speak with an experienced life insurance professional who can help you determine how much life insurance is right for you to meet any financial obligations you or your loved ones may have if you die unexpectedly.

Whether you’re looking for whole life insurance quotes or term life insurance quotes, be sure to research all of your options. Compare life insurance quotes from several agents and ensure that your select a company that gives you low rates but also has the financial stability to pay for the policy when it comes time to collect. Getting free life insurance quotes from US Insurance Agents is the first step in protecting your loved ones. Complete a quote request and get in touch with an agent today.