my boyfriends licence is suspended can he still have insurance if another driver is listed

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Asked February 16, 2016

1 Answer

Purchasing auto insurance for someone who has a suspended license could be problematic if the policy is new. You must explain to the insurance company why your boyfriend has a suspended license, why he must purchase the insurance and what your options are. There are insurance companies that will not sell to someone with a suspended license, but there are extenuating circumstances to consider.

Does Your Boyfriend Own The Car? Your boyfriend must keep the vehicle insured if he owns it, and he must continue to register the car every year. Insurance is required to register a vehicle, and you may be listed as a driver. The fact that you are listed as another driver has nothing to do with your boyfriend's insurance status. The simple fact is that he must insure the car because that is the law.

Your boyfriend is allowed to list other drivers when he owns a communal car. You may easily show that your license is current, and you may drive the car as a listed driver. This is a simple process, but it is possible that the insurance company will not allow your boyfriend to add anyone to the policy. This is the point at which you must purchase your own insurance.

Using your own license to purchase insurance is much simpler, and you will have current insurance that helps you drive any car. This process works if you have your own car, and there are insurance companies that will allow you to insurance a vehicle on someone else's behalf. You may even go so far as having the title signed over to your name for insurance purposes. You can get around your boyfriend's suspended license with help from the insurance carrier.

Answered February 17, 2016 by bukev

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