Do in’s co have the right to take photos of my home?

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Asked May 30, 2018

1 Answer

I get asked this question a lot. Yes, they can take pictures of your home. I will explain why. Did you recently put in an application for a home owner's policy? Did you recently file a claim for your home or car insurance?

This is standard procedure. The insurance company is just looking to collect information on your property. They are making sure you are a good investment for them. They will usually give you a heads up about a visit or something to that nature. However, they do not always do that.

Did you recently suffer some damage to your home? This falls into the category of home insurance claims. You might have filed a claim or a renewal, but they need to see the proof. Most insurance companies do not just take your word on it. Every state does this, including New York. It is within their legal right do so, as long as they adhere to the boundaries.

There is one way to put your mind at ease. Call your insurance company. Ask them why they were taking pictures of your home. They usually are pretty honest about it. They might even ask to visit and talk to you personally about your claim.

There are boundaries they need to adhere, legally speaking. They can take pictures of your property to take back to the office. However, they cannot just show up at your door and expect to come in and talk. They do need to let you know ahead of time, as I stated above.

Was the guy physically on your property? Was he on the outskirts of your property, taking pictures from afar? There is a difference. The guy can take the pictures from afar, but he cannot take them on the property itself. You need to verify this information when you talk to them, on the phone.

Answered June 1, 2018 by key2616

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