Does American States Insurance Company Still Sell Insurance?

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Asked February 11, 2013

1 Answer

American States Insurance Company provided casualty and liability insurance to property and business owners. The company does not exist today, after a chain of acquisitions through several decades finally absorbed them into a world insurance leader. Today, American States Insurance Company is a subsidiary of the Liberty Mutual Holding company.

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What is the company's history?

The company was founded in 1958, in Indianapolis, IN. In 2010, the company had assets of over 2 billion dollars and working capital of more than 5 million. In 1997, American States Insurance Company was purchased by the Safeco Insurance Company, and that company was, in turn, purchased by the Liberty Mutual group of companies in 2010. The insurer no longer sells insurance policies to the public.

What ratings does the company have?

American States Insurance Company does not have an individual rating with companies such as the A.M. Best financial ratings company. Instead, the insurer is rated under their parent company, the Liberty Mutual Holding Company. That company is rated as "A" (Excellent) and has stable long-term outlook of "a." Liberty Mutual was last rated in July of 2012.

What insurance policies are offered?

American States Insurance Company sold a variety of casualty and liability insurance policies. They sold vehicle insurance, including cars, RVs, ATVs, and motorcycles insurance coverage. They also sold home, condo and renters insurance, and rounded out their list of offerings with business and commercial insurance plans.

Answered February 11, 2013 by Anonymous

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