Does homeowners insurance cover vandalism that my son did to his girlfriend’s car and other belongings?

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My son’s girlfriend was moving, and we allowed her to store her belongings in the garage. They got into a fight, and he damages not only her car, but her dad’s car and threw away and/or broke the rest of her stuff that was in the garage (clothes, appliances, laptop, etc.) Will my homeowners insurance cover the loss or does she have to sue us in small claims court?”

Asked July 17, 2018

1 Answer

Getting your son's car vandalized may be one of the most frustrating things that anyone can experience. However, it’s more frustrating when the one vandalizing is someone close to the family, such as the girlfriend of your son. Fortunately, there’s a recourse. If you live in California, there may be clauses in the comprehensive section of your homeowners insurance that would cover the costs of the damaged car. This is also true when the vehicle damaged is not owned by you as long as the damaged car was parked on your property, which in this case may apply to the case of your son. But all of these benefits may still depend on your homeowners’ insurance provider.

If there’s a clause in your homeowners insurance policy that tells you that you can get repairs for uninsured vehicles, such as your son’s vehicle, then you can easily get the coverage you need. There are also insurance policies that may not be able to grant you this privilege. In your case, if the parked vehicle of the girlfriend is in your home, then you might be able to get your homeowners insurance to cover the damage of the costs. However, if the car may be too worn down and could be easily replaced, repairing them with the money provided by insurance would not be an advisable decision.

There is another possible answer to your question. The answer all depends if your son’s girlfriend fits in the name of the insurance’s definition of Insured. If she does not meet the definition of Insured, it may be considered hard to get the homeowners insurance to cover for her damaged properties. The best way to answer and verify this is to ask your insurance broker for the complete details.

You should contact your insurance agent to see what they think about getting the loss covered by your insurance coverage. If they will not cover it, you can look into recovering damages via small claims court.

Answered July 18, 2018 by teddyx

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