How can I dispute items in my CLUE report?

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Asked January 31, 2014

1 Answer

When you apply for any type of liability insurance, the insurer will pull your CLUE report, and use that information to help them determine your premiums. If there is incorrect information in your CLUE report, it could have serious adverse effects on your insurance options and costs. When you discover such errors, there is a procedure to have the item investigated and removed.

CLUE is managed by the LexisNexis Corporation. To dispute an entry in your CLUE report, you will need to contact the company in writing. If you visit the LexisNexis website, they have a form available that you can download, print and fill out, but the dispute itself should always be filed in writing, not using online resources. The address for the LexisNexis is:

Insurance Reports
LexisNexis Risk Solutions Consumer Center
PO Box 105108
Atlanta, GA 30348

In the dispute, state the disputed item, the policy number it is attached to, and what the error is. This dispute is your chance to make a statement regarding the claim, but LexisNexis is concerned with the accuracy of the claim, not the specific circumstances. If you were not at-fault in the incident, state who the at-fault party was, if the information is available.

Items will remain in your CLUE report for 7 years. If you discover an error today, it could cause you to have higher premiums for years. However, the LexisNexis company will allow you to get one free CLUE personal report each year, so you will have an opportunity to look for errors and have them corrected prior to applying for any type of liability insurance policy.

Answered January 31, 2014 by Anonymous

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