how do i find out if i have another life insurance policy in my name

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Asked May 31, 2016

1 Answer

All legitimate life insurance policies are recorded in files of at least one of three entities. They are the United States Social Security Administration, the financial services department of the state in which the policy was created, and in the personnel records of the company that issued the policy.

The surest way to check for lost life insurance policies is contacting the claims department of every previous employer, labor union, university, or fraternal organization your name and social security number have been submitted to in the past. If there is the possibility someone who has died could have purchased a policy in your name, and you have the legal authority, contact the claims departments in which they were affiliated as well.

If you are checking for a lost policy, and you've narrowed the search to a specific issuer, contact that company's claims office by phone and explain your search. They will send investigative material for personal identification. After authentication and notarization, the company will re-establish you as the insurance policy's beneficiary.

Third, since the lost life insurance policy is in your name, and deceased persons are not a factor, it is highly unlikely any policy was turned-over to the US Social Security Administration. More likely, it is being recycled by the issuer to pay for premiums and processing. In this case, use state-backed and reputable independent online services to track a policy down. Be sure to perform your due-diligence in working with an online investigative agency. Sophisticated scammers are found everywhere who pose as legitimate services. The best way to tell if you are working with a reputable service is its fee schedule. No fees should be levied until investigation and authentication is complete.

Answered June 1, 2016 by GWGLife

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