Why does my insurance company want to see my receipts for roof repair when they have already given me the check?

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Asked May 11, 2017

2 Answers

It depends, but when we ask for the receipts for the roof repair it is usually to send the remaining amount of the settlement amount to the insured. We send a partial amount of the settlement and then we send the rest once we receive proof that the work has started. We do this to make sure the roof is being repaired as we sometimes have people who don't fix their roof and the next year will file another claim for the same issue.

Answered May 15, 2017 by TheMuniveAgency

In the past several years, insurance companies have seen a 10% increase in fraudulent property claims. From a customer's view point fraudulent claims may not seem like a high priority issue, but it is devastating to insurance companies and eventually to honest paying customers. The more money insurance pays to dishonest losses, the less money they have to help legit ones. Therefore, insurance companies have strengthened their verification and added additional stipulations to their claims process.

Anytime a claim is filed the claimant has two options:

  1. Allow the insurance company to send "their" damage adjuster to access the destruction
  2. Allow the claimant to pick their own repair company

With either option, the insurance provider will always request proof of repairs! Most fraudulent claims come from claimants filing the same claim a few weeks or months later. These dishonest customers assert that the damage is a new claim , that the repairs weren't done. or that the repairs weren't done correctly. To prevent such things from happening, the insurance company needs to verify that they have proof of repairs on file. Thankfully, it is only a precautionary measure to make sure they can continue to help the customers who have true claims to file.

Answered May 15, 2017 by insure3200

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