I just got hit by a car and didn’t get any insurance information. What should I do?

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Asked September 26, 2011

1 Answer

It is important to get as much information as possible after an accident to help your insurance company settle the claim quickly and without any problems. Typically, this includes a copy of the police report, the other person's insurance information, and contact information for any witnesses if possible. If you do not manage to get their insurance information, you may still be able to file a successful claim, but you can expect the settlement to take a little longer to be reached.

If there was a police report filed, then your insurance company will still be able to get the other person's insurance information. Since most states are now requiring insurance companies to file notices when a person is covered by insurance, the only information you really have to have is the person's name and vehicle license plate number.

If you do not have any information about the person who hit you, you may still be covered by your own insurance, if you have one of two types of supplemental coverage. The first type is comprehensive insurance, which specifically covers such things as vandalism and hit and run accidents. The second type of insurance that may still be able to repair your car is if you are carrying collision insurance. Collision insurance is used to repair your vehicle, and can be used if you cannot trace the at-fault driver or even if you hit a post with your car and there are no other drivers involved.

Call your insurance company immediately after the accident, and tell them what happened. Your insurance agent can then give you advice on how best to proceed to get your claim settled efficiently. Insurance companies have heard similar stories to yours before, and it is a safe bet that they already have policies in place to deal with the same kind of situation.

If you are having trouble with your own insurance company, maybe you should get a free online car insurance quote, compare the premiums between different companies, and make a change for the better. Getting an online quote is fast and easy, and you can even sign up on the spot if you find the policy you are looking for.

Answered September 26, 2011 by Anonymous

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