Where to complain about insurance company?

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Asked June 5, 2018

1 Answer

The first action you can take is trying to resolve the issue with the insurance company directly. If the problem persists, you have other options. The severity of the issues you're having will determine the actions you should take.

Agent and Company Reviews

You can submit a review at usinsuranceagents.com.

  1. Go to usinsuranceagents.com/reviews
  2. Click on the select a company drop down menu
  3. Find the insurance company then click on the view company button
  4. Under the insurancecompany listing's star rating, click submit your review and write your review.

You can also file complaints against individual agents in the agents section of usinsuranceagents.com. If you have a particularly serious issue that involves statute violations, you can file a complaint with the agency that oversees insurance companies in your state. Looking up an insurance company on usinsuranceagents.com can help avoid having problems in the first place, since you can check out company profiles before you run into trouble.

National Association of Insurance Commissioners

At the NAIC website, you can click on their map to find your state agency that oversees insurance companies. The map links to all state insurance agencies in the United States. The process usually involves contacting the insurance company that you are filing a formal complaint and submitting documentation to your state agency. Each state has its own procedures, and the process starts with finding the state agency on NAIC.

Legal Recourse

If you have a more serious complaint that you want to file against an insurance company you may want to seek legal representation. State agencies can take corrective action against insurance companies, but they do not act as your personal legal representatives. State agencies do not redress personal grievances. They enforce statutes and regulations. When choosing an attorney, make sure they specialize in insurance regulations.

Answered June 11, 2018 by RedTicker

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