While paying on a Cobra Plan can I change from family to individual coverage?

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My husbands employer carried our family’s health insurance and when he lost his position we have been paying for Cobra which is really expensive. We found another health plan for me and my daughter and informed the employer we would be changing the plan to individual instead of family. I received a note from my old employer saying I could not do that without giving them 60 days notice – if we didn’t pay the difference she was cancelling all of the insurance including my husbands. Can you please advise?”

Asked July 18, 2018

1 Answer

Under COBRA you may switch from family coverage to individual coverage in Florida. You can opt out of the cobra plan and into a marketplace plan, or, alternatively, opt out of healthcare coverage for the interim. In the event of a job termination, childbirth, or other life circumstance can cause you to make changes to your coverage plan.

Individual members of your family may want to be covered by Cobra while others may not. If you are terminated you may continue your plan but you must foot your own tab. You are eligible to be on the plan for 18 months after termination. You may choose to elect into a marketplace plan that better suits your family needs, such as Medicaid or another insurance on the market place such as Children's Health Insurance Program.

Cobra is a safety net for when you lose your job, but, you do have the freedom to shop for a less expensive coverage plan if you choose.

Answered July 19, 2018 by zenguy

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