Why does a Scion tC cost more to insure than a Scion FR-S?

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Yes that’s right. A $19,385 Scion tC costs more to insure than the $25,305 Scion FR-S.

According to my insurance company the tC costs $734 for a 6 month premium (full coverage) while the FR-S is only $600.

The tC is classified as a compact car while the FR-S is a sports car, so shouldn’t the costs be the other way around?”

Asked February 22, 2016

1 Answer

The cost of car insurance is based on a variety of factors, including the make and model of the car, the age and driving record of the driver, and the level of coverage selected. While both the Scion tC and the Scion FR-S are made by the same manufacturer and have similar features, there may be several reasons why a Scion tC could cost more to insure than a Scion FR-S. Here are some possible reasons why a Scion tC could cost more to insure than a Scion FR-S:

  • Higher risk: Insurance companies determine the risk level of a car based on factors such as the car's safety ratings, likelihood of theft, and cost of repairs. The Scion tC may be considered a higher risk car than the Scion FR-S due to factors such as its lower safety ratings, higher likelihood of theft, and higher cost of repairs.
  • Driver demographics: Insurance companies also consider the demographics of the driver when determining the cost of car insurance. For example, younger drivers may be charged more for insurance due to their higher risk of accidents. The Scion tC may be more popular with younger drivers, which could contribute to its higher insurance rates.
  • Insurance company policies: Insurance companies may have different policies for different car models or manufacturers. Some insurance companies may charge higher rates for certain makes or models of cars, regardless of the specific features or risks associated with those cars.
  • State regulations: Insurance rates can also vary based on state regulations. Different states may have different requirements for insurance coverage, and insurance rates may be higher in states with higher minimum coverage requirements or higher rates of accidents.
It's important to remember that the cost of car insurance can vary widely depending on many factors, and it's always a good idea to shop around and compare quotes from multiple insurance companies to find the best rates and coverage for your specific situation.

Answered February 23, 2016 by cabrux

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