Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is designed to help businesses recover from covered events which result in the loss of its property. This can include the value of the building the business owns and the cost to repair or rebuild it. Commercial property insurance also covered the businesses property such as computers, equipment, furniture, inventory, and other things used in a business. This coverage also covers the company’s outdoor signs as well as any… Continue Reading

Life Insurance for Small and Medium Businesses

There are a couple of different types of life insurance that a business owner may be interested in. If the business owner is looking to protect their dependents should they die then the business owner should be interested in life insurance on themselves. There are three main types of life insurance to look at, term, whole life, and universal life insurance. Business partners might also agree to buy a combined life insurance… Continue Reading

Insurance for Restaurants and Bars

Many people who want to start a small business choose to open a restaurant or bar. After choosing what they will serve and where the location of their new business will be the next item on the agenda should be getting the insurance on the business in order. Restaurants and bars are unique from other types of businesses because many of them serve alcohol unlike any other business which is its own… Continue Reading

Why is teamwork important in a work environment? (2021 Update)

We all know teamwork in business is important for a successful, productive work environment. It’s kind of a no-brainer, right? We know it’s just as essential to good business as having a good business insurance policy. But if someone asked you to tell them why teamwork is so important for your work environment, what would... Continue Reading

How will brexit affect small businesses and insurance?

Read this article for expert predictions on how Brexit will change the insurance industry as we now know it. Continue Reading

Insurance for a Home-Based Business

Running a business out of your home is a popular choice in the United States. It is estimated that there are approximately 32 million home based businesses which include people operating their business on a part-time and full-time basis. There are a number of insurance issues that arise from running a business out of home including the business property in the home as well as liability issues. There are other insurance issues… Continue Reading

What Every Business Owner Needs To Know About Commercial Insurance

All businesses are going to need commercial insurance of one type or another. Whether it's to cover their liability, their property, or life insurance, having the proper insurance and coverage limits is vital to running an effective company and protecting the business owners assets and interests. There are several lines of commercial insurance policies in order to cover all types of business activity. Continue Reading

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is a type of policy that provides protection for vehicles that are used for business purposes. A commercial insurance policy can be written for anything from a single vehicle to an entire fleet of vehicles. Similar to a personal lines auto insurance policy, a commercial auto policy includes several types of coverage with the main ones being liability, uninsured motorist, comprehensive, and collision coverage. Commercial auto insurance policies also… Continue Reading

Commercial Liability Insurance

A Commercial General Liability policy protects a business against financial loss if it is held legally liable for third parties who suffered bodily injury and/or property damage due to the business’s operations, employees, products, or location. Every business needs to have this coverage in order to protect the company’s assets in the event of a large claim. Some businesses are required to have this coverage by the state in which they operate,… Continue Reading

Professional Liability Insurance: Errors & Omissions (2021 Update)

A professional liability policy is a type of insurance policy which provides coverage if a professional provides a service or advice to a client which the client feels didn’t meet what they were led to expect or if the professional makes a mistake that others in their profession wouldn’t ordinarily make. These are also called errors and omissions (E&O) policies because the professional that is covered by the policy either made a… Continue Reading