Will my Celiac disease have an impact on getting a life insurance policy?

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Asked September 9, 2013

1 Answer

The first thing that needs to be pointed out is that insurance is regulated both by the state and by the insurer. Because of that, conditions which do not affect your life insurance at all for one company or location could be an important factor in another. Celiac disease does not usually have an impact on life insurance, but the possibility cannot be denied. With that said, if you contract the condition after the purchase has already been in effect, your life insurance company will not penalize you.

Life insurance is based on perceived risk to your life, so the mortality figures associated with various conditions will determine how much they affect your life insurance rates. For example, Celiac disease generally has little to no impact on your coverage, while diabetes will usually cause premiums to be higher. Similarly, since some diseases can be much more severe in older people, having a condition such as Celiac disease or asthma can have more of an impact if you are, for example, in your mid-50's.

Many times, that condition is not what causes higher premiums. Instead, the conditions and concerns related to Celiac disease could be the problem. In this case, your rates are not higher because of the disease itself, but because of symptoms and conditions that are related but not caused by the disease itself.

If you are denied coverage or receive higher rates from one insurance agent, do a little research before you accept that the same is true for every insurer. Start with a free online life insurance quote from this website and compare it to the rates you are being offered by the original insurer. While it is not economical to switch policies if one has been in effect for many years, you might consider diversifying your life insurance coverage to include not only more than one insurer but more than one type of life insurance policy as well.

Answered September 9, 2013 by Anonymous

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